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A consciousness about changes in the world began when I was a WWF Ranger as a child, collecting money for the endangered animals and other negative developments relating to animals and nature. I felt sorry for the poor animals that are slaughtered to feed our mouths. Now more mature and as a photographer I am still interested in these two topics, related to human behaviour. Travelling is my passion and big part of my work, because then I discover new eating rituals and food cultures which differentiate from my Western point of view. First I observe what happens in daily life and transform that into my own reality which could result in a fashion series, still lifes or single images. With these, I answer my main question of how we try to control our lives related to food.

WHY SHOULD YOU CONTROL IF YOU CAN LET IT GO, a good quote from Nanine Lenning, which is what I try to discover within my staged photography. My obsession with food was always there, but after living in Finland it came back stronger than ever before.


The Hague 1993


Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.
Class of 2017

Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Exchange 2015, received Scholarship


All Round Creative @ Yoni, 2018
@ Koen Hauser, 2015


Spanish Language Course, 2016

Upcoming 2018 (G) My Feeder is the photographer, Melkweg Expo, Amsterdam

2018 (G) The Plastic Womb by Love Hotel Collective, Paard van Troje, Den Haag
2018 (G) Generation 2018 by MOAM, You Choose, I Seduce, Newwerktheater, Amsterdam
2017 (G) Nee, jij hebt Talent, You Choose, I seduce, Het Nationale Theater, The Hague
2017 (G) Jong en Veelbelovend, Het Schrijvende Meisje, Villa Mondriaan, Winterswijk
2017 (G) Nieuwe Oogst, You Choose, I seduce, Firma van Drie, Gouda
2017 (G) The Ink, The Milk, The Blood, You Choose, I seduce, Melkweg Expo, Amsterdam
2017 (G) L+M collaboration, PrintWorkers, Barcelona
2017 (G) The Ink, The Milk, The Blood, You Choose, I seduce, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague
2017 (S) You Choose, I seduce, Filtro, The Hague
2016 (G) Paradise, Hangry, Spui 216a, The Hague
2015 (G) Endless Possibilities, Close to Home, Raamweg 47, The Hague


Goat Organic Apparel
Solar Initiative
Printworkers Barcelona
Sarah Anne Rootert
Mirte van Kooten
Sarah Lauwaert
Pauliina Jokivuo
Iiris Herttua
Sara Torres Lopez
Emma Sarpaniemi
Anna Mala


Volkskrant magazine
Het Nationale Theater
Villa Mondriaan in collab with Foam
Melkweg Amsterdam
New Dawn Paper
4 Magazine